Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Thrifty Outfit of The Day - Monday 7th June

This outfit was a rush job! I was super late for leaving the house and had tried on a ridiculous amount of outfits, have you ever had one of those days? 
Anyway I spotted this skirt, which I knew needed tights, looking out my window the early morning clouds suggested shit weather ahead, obviously you can see not so much by the time Nick came to meet me! 
Well I'm not mad, I  like this outfit, its kinda cute! Yay me! ha ha

So I found this skirt for 99p, Yup NINETY-NINE PENCE! There is a great Barnardos 
shop just by Meadow Bank retail park and all clothes are 99p! Its always good for for a rummage. I made the mistake last year of not buying a long fur coat for 99p because it was warm outside and I didn't have a bag, rookie mistake Emma, rookie mistake!
The jumper is from Oxfam in Stockbridge, it's Jaeger and it was only £4!
 My shoes I found in the sale whilst doing my grocery shop in Tesco hahaa picked them up for £6, not bad! I finished off with accessorising with my favourite hat , which I bought in a charity shop in Stockbridge for £12.99.

I then went on to overheat that day, but god damn I looked good doing it haha

Friday, 4 December 2015

Label Lusting - Lavish Alice

This month I'm label checking 'Lavish Alice'
Popping up more and more, you will find this brand on their own site as well as ASOS , Very and Studio and also stocking to a few select stores nationwide. This label is at the forefront of  fashion but without the high price tag. Lavish Alice is breath of fresh air from the usual online fashion stores. They work on the premise that they give back to there fans. If your not following them on instagram, you really should. They are big on social media and release a lot of their news through it, Exclusive invites and even sending out an occasional freebie to their followers as well as doing collaborations with bloggers. (Pick me, Pick me!!)
Not only are their designs pretty on point, their prices are too. Affordable fashion, this something that I can get on board with.

 Check their full collections at

They also have their own blog, were you can read about fashion week, celebrities and also to help you in styling your own Lavish Alice outfits

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Label Lusting - The Finery London

You can't open a magazine or online fashion stalk without seeing fashions 'label love' of the moment Finery London.

You can see why its the go to label of the moment , it has a little something for everyone. This clever bunch of creatives have hit the fashion nail on its head and come up trumps with their affordable designs that will stick in your wardrobe for seasons.
Their designs are creatively simple and stylish with a great pop of colour that runs through their collection. 

Their website reads; "It's simple: we want to make modern, inspiring and sophisticated styling accessible, without compromising on quality. Our collections are designed and made with love, and we think that shows in the clothes." They go on to say "Carefully considered and detail driven, our confident collections have just the right amount of fun. We want you to feel fabulous in our clothes. This isn't about fast fashion, it's about pieces to truly treasure."

Below are my favourite pieces, but don't take my word for it, head to Finery yourself and decide if the all the talk is worth it... it is!

Friday, 20 November 2015

Dreamingless Magazine - Candy Boss

Well I could just pee my pants! 
We made it to Dreamingless Magazine.

Novembers theme was the 'Barbie - Oh So Pink Issue'
The location chosen was House of an Art lover in Glasgow, and what a gorgeous setting. I arrived very late! A little mixed up and a confused taxi cab man aside, I was in awe of the grounds as we pulled up. Unfortunately I didn't get to spend time looking around, but I am for sure going to go back.
The shot to the left was my ultimate favourite, but to be honest it was tough to choose out of all the amazing images (There was lots!) 
Collectively we whittled them down to 20 and submitted to Dreamingless and we were accepted!

Thanks for the opportunity to work with all the lovely talented people on this shoot and I hope to work with you all again very soon!


Photographer - Abbie Rodger 

Model - Lauryn Macaulay @ Superior Model Management 

MUA - Jenna Clayton 

Hair Stylist - Tracy Ann McCafferty 

Location at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Exciting News!

Im excited to say I will be the new Fashion Writer for 'The Leither' magazine..

This month's issue was a little introduction, to myself and Kelly's page which you can also read online .

Unfortunately my tips on the 'LBD' were minus picture so here is the full post...

The LBD (the Little black dress) is a staple to any woman's wardrobe, if you don't have one it is imperative you go out now and buy one! Ha OK, well not right now, but I do believe every woman should always have that 'one' great go-to LBD. Why? Well quite simply its a basis for any type of function you wish to attend.  It can be dressed up in so many different ways with the right shoes and accessories

Zara Ruffle Dress 39.99

Remember the rule, show one, cover the other. This dress works well for boyish frames, the ruffles will give you a more fuller chest. Adding heels to this mini skirt and lengthen those pins!

*hint if you want to elongate your legs wear nude shoes

Topshop Flapper Dress 60.00

The cute tasseled flapper style dress is great for petites and the neckline works well for those with broad shoulders.

Monsoon Audrey dress 169.00

For a fuller figure, go for a dress that nips in at the waist , which creates a beautiful  hour glass figure

Zara Crochet Dress 79.99

This long dress works well for the tall and slender body types.

*Hint -spaghetti strapped,  lets you show off long and slender toned arms.

ASOS Bandeau Midi Prom Dress £110.00

If your pear shaped then the prom dress will emphasize your small waist and de-emphasize your lower body to create a balanced silhouette.

Personally I think you can wear what you like. Remember this is a guideline. Have fun with your own personal style, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, enjoy, embrace and love your body.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Balmain - The Thirst is Real

Oooh girl you thirsty!
The Balmain drop has landed and EVERYONE is going crazy!
I know, I know I just wrote a piece on Balmain dropping at H&M and how excited I am about it, but I am severely over it and its only just hit the shops.
If you haven't already, and to be honest I think everyone has seen the footage of the rush when H&M opened their doors, but if you haven't, then check this out..
As much as the designs are beautiful, EVERYONE is going to wearing it! For this reason as they say on 'Dragon Den', Im out.
I really don't care how much you paid either, because if you are one of those ones that took to eBay to buy, well that just makes it worse.
The Beaded embellished dress is on Ebay for 2299.99 with the coveted Embellished Blazer going for 1985.00, what in the hell!??

Ladies lets just take a second here, are you sure you want to part you hard earned cash on this?
They are designed by the very talented Oliver Rousteing, but they are still made in the same factory as all regular H&M collections. Not knocking the talents of their seamstresses, but that embellished coat you love and paid top whack for is going to eventually fall apart. 
So I urge you lovlies to go and check eBay properly whilst shopping for that must have Balmain item..
Here are a few designer items I have found for the same cost or less on eBay..

Peruse and quench you fashion thirst over the likes of Oscar De La Renta, Chanel, Balenciaga and Moschino and step away from Balmain.
Oh and if you simply must have Balmain, why not instead of spending 2,00.00 on The Balmain x H&M Blazer 
Go for this REAL Balmain Leopard Print Biker Jacket , it makes sense?

Saturday, 7 November 2015

UBER has arrived in Edinburgh


Uber has arrived in Edinburgh! Have you heard of Uber? Well for those who haven't then you simply must check this out!

Their website states;
"Uber is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our apps, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. From our founding in 2009 to our launches in hundreds of cities today, Uber's rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer."

This Uber cheap (see what I did there?) cab company is working in 64 countries, and finally at last reaching us in Bonnie Scotland. I used the company a lot whilst living in New York and luckily it launched on the eve of Christian McLeod show in Glasgow, the difference in price for a cab back to Edinburgh was quite considerable, we were quoted £125 and Uber only charged us £60. Winner!

Last night it launched in Edinburgh and I for one am a happy little Bunny... or Bear even!

It is a simple app where your phones GPS system will pick up where you are then you add your chosen destination and then hit 'get fare estimate' and Boom! Simple as that, you can even see you little car on your Uber app get closer to you on you map, with updated times of arrival and your drivers name, picture and license plate number. No cash needs to exchange as Uber will deduct the fair once you have reached your destination from either your paypal or you bank account. Perfect!

-B x