Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Thrifty Outfit of The Day - Monday 7th June

This outfit was a rush job! I was super late for leaving the house and had tried on a ridiculous amount of outfits, have you ever had one of those days? 
Anyway I spotted this skirt, which I knew needed tights, looking out my window the early morning clouds suggested shit weather ahead, obviously you can see not so much by the time Nick came to meet me! 
Well I'm not mad, I  like this outfit, its kinda cute! Yay me! ha ha

So I found this skirt for 99p, Yup NINETY-NINE PENCE! There is a great Barnardos 
shop just by Meadow Bank retail park and all clothes are 99p! Its always good for for a rummage. I made the mistake last year of not buying a long fur coat for 99p because it was warm outside and I didn't have a bag, rookie mistake Emma, rookie mistake!
The jumper is from Oxfam in Stockbridge, it's Jaeger and it was only £4!
 My shoes I found in the sale whilst doing my grocery shop in Tesco hahaa picked them up for £6, not bad! I finished off with accessorising with my favourite hat , which I bought in a charity shop in Stockbridge for £12.99.

I then went on to overheat that day, but god damn I looked good doing it haha